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NY Giants beat Denver Broncos, 39-20 in Superbowl XXI; “Wall Street” Directed by Oliver Stone debuted; Gas was coming close to reaching one dollar & in a small shop in Bronx, NY Katsch Upholstery was Born.

Edward Katsch started his illustrious career in Upholstery when he was just 14 years old in NYC, where he attended the High School of Fashion Industries. As his skills progressed so did his prominence within the industries. Ed Katsch became Forman of some of New York Cities most high end upholstery shops.

Edward’s true dream though was to own his own upholstery company. A company which would stand behind every piece of furniture they produced with pride. In 1987 in a 3000 sq/ft facility on Bruckner Boulevard in Bronx, New York this dream came true. Edwards Katsch has since executed the fabrication of furniture for some of todays most prominent sports athletes, entertainers, and executives. To this day the Katsch family works hand in hand specializing in the old tradition of quality while producing the heirlooms of the tomorrow. 

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